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Due to the current pandemic, the organizing committee has decided to move the meeting online. The conference will be held over the Zoom platform. The program of the talks is now available.

For people embracing new types of scientific communication and willing to share their work openly, we have decided to organize a Twitter poster session!


It is a great pleasure to invite you to Geneva Colloids 2021. The conference will be held on 8-9th April 2021. This meeting will serve to present and discuss the latest progresses in the field of colloid, macromolecular, and interface science.

We will also take the opportunity to recognize the research achievements of Prof. Michal Borkovec in the field of colloids on the occasion of his retirement, which will also happen in 2021. You may find a summary of his research activities here.



Important Dates


Gregor Trefalt, Istvan Szilagyi, Marta Krasowska, Georg Papastavrou, Liam Scarratt, Marco Galli


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